Episode 017: Creating the path to a Successful Online Business

Have you been thinking about starting your own online business?

Or maybe you’ve already started one, and now you’re interested in growing your business?

Louise Brogan helps female entrepreneurs raise their online visibility through digital marketing.

In today’s episode, we talk about the path to creating successful online businesses, recognising that your entrepreneurial journey may not start the way you planned, and your small business may evolve in ways you hadn’t expected.

You Will Learn...

  1. That businesses often change and evolve in ways you may have not entirely planned or expected (and that’s not a bad thing!).
  2. That being an entrepreneur means being brave and confident enough to make your own rules and choosing your own path, even when you’re not quite sure what that might be yet!
  3. That the ability to learn from your mistakes (and the resilience you build in the process) is one of the greatest as sets you’ll need as a successful online business owner.

To connect with Louise, head over to The Social Bee. You’ll find the link to her latest podcast episode and to her Facebook group, where you can find out more about the online summit Louise is organising.

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