Episode 007 – The Truth About Building A Six Figure Business

Episode 007: The Truth About Building A Six Figure Business

There can be so much hype online about building a six figure business.

But it’s way more important to set our own definition of success and build the business that WE truly want, instead of following online business trends and fads.

Social Media expert (and fellow Six Figure Business Owner) Marie-Helene di Benedetto joins me for a chat about the real milestones you should create for your business, and why you shouldn’t waste time comparing yourself to other people.

You Will Learn...

  1. Why ‘Six Figures’ can feel like such an important milestone, and why this can be deceptive when you are building a business.
  2. The difference between ‘turnover’ and ‘profit’, and why this matters!
  3. The two metrics that will help you meaningfully assess your business, instead of just aiming for six figures.

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If you’ve enjoyed this episode, we have a special treat for you!

Marie-Helene was my Guest Expert last month in the Business Club for Grown Ups membership programme.

To access her masterclass, ‘How To Find The Perfect Social Media Channel for Your Business’, plus a stack of other must-have content and video goodies, sign up here.

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Episode 006 – How To Feel Good About Your Business Even When You’re Not Where You Want To Be

Episode 006: How To Feel Good About Your Business Even When You're Not Where You Want To Be

How do we feel good about our businesses, even when we’re not getting the results we want?

Today I dig a little deeper on what lies behind our expectations of ourselves, and why we need to be able to see the progress we are making, even when we’re just starting out.

You Will Learn...

How to benchmark our progress and make realistic business goals

Why there is so often discord between our aims and our achievements in our businesses – and why this leads to discouragement

The key question we need to ask ourselves – and the mindset shift it leads to

Why slow growth is considered to be the sign of a strong business

How to know that we’re on the right path, even when it feels like we’re playing catch up.

Feeling Lost With Your Business?

I’ve created a short quiz to help you!

It’s called What Stage Is My Business At, and you can access it here.

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Episode 005 – How To Live More Gently Without Compromising Our Goals

Episode 005: How To Live More Gently Without Compromising Our Goals

In today’s episode Emily Hodge shares her story.

Emily was in her 20s and newly married when she received a shock cancer diagnosis. It changed her whole life, and she was left with a huge range of emotions to deal with, even after her physical treatment successfully cured her cancer.

However, through this deeply difficult period of her life, Emily found that it truly opened her eyes to the need for all of us to ‘live more gently’.

Emily talks about the ways we can start to do this, and how to recognise when a more gentle way of living could help.

Want to find out more?

If you’ve enjoyed this episode, we have a special treat for you!

Emily is my Guest Expert this month in the Business Club for Grown Ups membership programme.

To access her masterclass, ‘How To Digitally Detox and Still Work and Connect Online’, plus a stack of other must-have content and video goodies, sign up here.


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Episode 004 – How To Beat Shiny Object Syndrome

Episode 004: How To Beat Shiny Object Syndrome

Are you suffering from Shiny Object Syndrome in your business?

Here’s a helpful rundown of what it is, how to spot the signs and most importantly, how to beat it.

You Will Learn...

How to tell when Shiny Object Syndrome is becoming an issue in your business

The reasons we fall foul of Shiny Object Syndrome

The 5 steps you can take TODAY to make sure you make wise investment decisions in your business

Think you might have a problem with Shiny Object Syndrome?

I’ve created a short quiz to help you!

You can access it here.

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Episode 003: How To Do Business When Life Is Going Wrong

Episode 003: How To Do Business When Life Is Going Wrong

Sometimes life just throws things at you that can knock you for six.

In today’s episode, I talk about how to find the resilience to cope with running a business when you’re going through a crisis.

You Will Learn...

My story of building my business in the middle of a crisis

The surprising benefit to my business, that you can experience too

The 5 ways to cope when life is going wrong and you still have a business to run

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Episode 002: How To Stay Focused As An Entrepreneur

Episode 002: How To Stay Focused As An Entrepreneur

It can be tough building a business.

We need to be resilient and ready to stay focused, even when we don’t feel like showing up.

Here’s everything you need to know to keep consistent and productive in your business.

You Will Learn...

My top five tips for keeping that focus whether you’re a hot mess or cool as a cucumber:

  1. Stop comparing yourself to others
  2. Stop letting other people’s content move your goalposts
  3. Reality Check – Are the techniques you’re learning about REALLY relevant to YOUR business TODAY?
  4. Talk to your audience – ask them what they want
  5. Work out what stage you’re at and plan your priorities.

Feeling confused about what stage your business is at?

I’ve created a short quiz to help you!

You can access it here.

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Episode 001: Welcome to the Business Club for Grown Ups Podcast

Episode 001:
Welcome To The Business Club for Grown Ups Podcast

In this episode I share my story of going through burnout 8 years ago, my subsequent recovery and what led me to start my business.

I work with female entrepreneurs who want more time freedom, more money and better clients.

As a university postgrad, my life started to feel out of control and I went on to experience burnout.

It meant stopping full-time work, saying goodbye to my corporate career, and I was so unwell I spent 7 months in bed recovering from exhaustion.

The months and years that followed were far from easy, but it was me taking the first steps into a new way of doing life that involved playing to my strengths instead of highlighting my weaknesses.

Today, I have a pace of life that works for me and I’ve built my business around my young family. 

You Will Learn...

How to know when you might be at risk of burnout

How NOT to manage it – I learned the hard way that ignoring health issues doesn’t make them go away!

How to rebuild your life from zero even when you feel like the world’s biggest failure – and I can guarantee, you are not!

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How To Move Past Shiny Object Syndrome and Start Getting Results


My pulse started racing.

I couldn’t believe how much what I was reading so perfectly captured how the last few months of running my business had felt.

Frustrating. Slow. I couldn’t shake the feeling that I must be doing something wrong, and I couldn’t even bring myself to look at the business plan I had written only months earlier.

It was like the person writing could see inside my head.

And they had the perfect solution to my problems! It was like a light at the end of the tunnel at last! And this time, I was sure it would totally work!

I don’t know if you can relate to this experience.

It’s a cycle I’ve seen people with online businesses repeat over and over again, and it’s not difficult to see how it happens.

Starting a business is hard. There is so much talk about the online space being the perfect setting for a 6 figure business that you can set up out of the box, but you don’t find out until you try it that there’s SO much more to it.

And because so many of us go into online businesses believing what we’re often told about it being easy, it is a horrible shock when reality bites.

After all, being an entrepreneur takes some getting used to.  We have more freedom than we’ve ever had, but sometimes you find yourself missing that boss who tells you what to do all the time, or your fixed monthly pay packet that just shows up in your account whether you deliver the goods or not that week.

So we end up desperately searching for the magic solution that will help us fix it all and get back on track with the business we were supposed to have.

If I can just do…. [insert your magic solution here], my perfect business will fall right into my lap.

Whether it’s investing in a high level coach, joining a flagship course, running Facebook ads, going on a visualising and manifesting retreat… it is so easy to believe that spending the money will lead us to the results we are dreaming of.

But as any entrepreneur worth their salt will tell you, there is truly ONLY ONE THING that will ever make any difference to the success of your business.

Stop looking for the secret sauce. The short cut. The easy way to success.

I’m not saying never work with a coach, or join a programme, or run Facebook ads.

But don’t mistake paying out money for putting in the hours.

Don’t believe the people out there who tell you if you just invest £5K or £10K, or whatever large sum they are asking you for, that everything in your business will change.

It will change when you start showing up consistently, implementing the things you have learned rather than just buying another course. When you realise that the answer to your problems isn’t outside of you, and you can trust yourself enough to stick with the solution you already found, instead of just tearing it up and starting over with something different for the hundredth time.

When I stopped looking for the magic solution, my business started to change.  My panic turned into focus.  My despair turned into determination.

It might take longer than you planned to get your business to where you want it, but if you listen carefully, almost everyone out there who has a successful business built it over a matter of years, not weeks.

You’re on the path you were meant to be on.

So stop looking for the secret sauce, and let’s get some work done.

Looking for the right coaching solution for your business?

Click here to find out more about my VIP Mastermind Coaching Group.

Advice and accountability for ambitious entrepreneurs

Doors Reopen 9th April 2018



Why Procrastination Can Be So Hard To Beat As An Entrepreneur

Why Procrastination Can Be So Hard To Beat As An Entrepreneur

Procrastination is consistently the number one problem that entrepreneurs have when it comes to productivity.

And it’s not difficult to see why.

As entrepreneurs our work time can be unstructured at the best of times.

You may not have enjoyed having your priorities dictated to you when you had a 9-5, but it feels a little different once you’re out there doing your own thing.

And the pressure to get it right can be huge. After all – if you don’t complete the right tasks then you might not actually get paid!

But often, our struggles with time management are not primarily due to our busy schedules, or balancing conflicting demands in our businesses.

I don’t think you’ll be surprised to hear me say it – we struggle with procrastination out of FEAR.

So often as entrepreneurs, we dream big dreams, and make plans for our businesses that require a lot of hard work to accomplish.

But the gap between the business plan and the reality of creating success in our businesses can be paralysing.

It can be really discouraging when a project we have been dreaming up – whether it’s a course or programme, a passive income product, an offer we are SURE our audience will love – seems to fall flat.

We launch what we’ve been cooking up, but the result can be far from what we imagined.

And although we build resilience over time – we can start to pull back from these big ‘TA DA!’ moments, because we learn from experience that they aren’t always met with the enthusiasm that we dreamed they would be.

It’s not hard to see how that translates into a greater desire to procrastinate.

If we can just eke out that precious dream of our success a little longer, we can put off the disappointment that could follow turning the plan into reality.

You don’t need me to tell you that that’s insane, right??

When it’s down in black and white in front of you, we can see so clearly that this is self-sabotage in its greatest form.

But we so often let it play out in our day to day lives.

Being ‘too busy’ for tasks we know will have the BIGGEST impact on our businesses.

Having a big project on the go that we aren’t moving forward with because we can’t bring ourselves to take the first step.

Putting off our plans like this isn’t self-protection. It’s self-destructive.

Because even if the worst happens – our big plan fails and we feel like we have to start back at square one.

You are never starting back at square one because you learn so much every time you try something and fail.

Every step is a step forward, whether it achieves what you hoped it would or not.

We only fail when we stop trying.

So if you feel the same, and you’re fed up of letting your productivity be stalled by procrastination, I would love to help.

In the last year I have been balancing my business around 3 house moves, looking after a toddler, plus pregnancy and the birth of my second baby. I have worked fewer hours than ever before in my business, but I’ve had my most profitable year to date.

And I’ve written a FREE PDF Guide all about how to make sure that you get the most out of every working hour you have available. It’s called How To Have Your Most Productive Day Ever, and you can download it by clicking here.

The Tools I Used To Babyproof My Business in 2017


There are some fantastic online tools out there to help you balance running your business with caring for a young family. But there are so many tools to choose from and it can be so overwhelming knowing where to start.

So I’ve put together this list of my top tools that have helped me to (almost) effortlessly run my business this year.

1. Zoom

What is it?

Zoom is a video conferencing tool similar to Skype, that actually just works a whole lot better. 

Why do you need it?

I’ve written previously about how much I love Zoom.

I won’t repeat myself too much, needless to say, this tool was a godsend during my time as a preggopreneur and still continues to be today.

I haven’t had to waste time travelling to work with clients in person while battling morning sickness or extreme tiredness, or worry about which of my clothes were bump friendly.

Zoom has meant I can just turn up at my computer, do the work I need to do and get back to my family. And I can do it with a smile on my face!

2. Edgar

What is it?

Edgar is a social media scheduling tool. Well what’s so amazing about that, I hear you say?

The feature that really helps Edgar stand out from the crowd is its ability to recycle your content.

Why do you need it?

I cannot stress enough how helpful Edgar has been for my business this year.

Whether I’ve been creating content or looking after pre-schoolers, it has meant my social media channels were active and unlike almost everything else in my life, IT REQUIRED NO THOUGHT PROCESS WHATSOEVER.

This means if you create a ton of brilliant content and then suddenly stop (to, you know, have a baby), Edgar just keeps putting it out there on your social media channels. No more panic that it’s Wednesday, and you’re supposed to always post about X on your Facebook page.

It just happens. And it’s awesome.


3. Acuity

What is it?

It’s an automated booking system that syncs with your Google calendar.

Why do you need it?

Again, I’ve written about why I love Acuity previously, and it really has been such a huge help to my business this year.

I have been fully booked with clients this year and my work schedule has been packed pretty tight.

Acuity has given me control over the slots that people are able to book in my schedule, which meant I could block off chunks of the week I knew I would need for family time. It also has a custom availability feature, which means I can open up one-off free slots as they arise, without leaving them permanently open in future weeks.


4. Evernote

What is it?

It’s a digital notebook

Why do you need it?

This year more than any other, I’ve felt like my brain is compartmentalised into ‘work’ and ‘home’.

And because I’ve spent a lot of my time looking after my little people, away from my computer and consumed with household matters, it’s been invaluable to have my Evernote app on my phone.

Even while I’m up to my eyes in childcare I’ve been able to note down key ideas for new content, new ventures, the best way to approach certain tasks or projects.

And it has really helped as this year my working hours have been so fragmented across the week. I often find that sitting down and writing unleashes a whole new wave of ideas, so it is really helpful to be able to jot down bullet points for a blog post or other piece of content on the go.

Obviously, the whole idea that we can compartmentalise our brains is pretty ridiculous – and this is why it’s so helpful to have Evernote to hand. The best ideas come at the most inconvenient times, but thankfully I can make sure they get recorded before I forget them. (No one say baby brain!)

DISCLAIMER – Some of the links on this page are affiliate links, which means I receive a tiny percentage of commission if you decide to purchase. When you buy through my links, you don’t pay any extra and in some cases you may receive a discount. I only recommend products that I use and can vouch for. However if you would prefer not to use the links above, you are more than welcome to visit these websites independently.


If you are in the process of preparing your business for a baby, I’d love to point you in the direction of my free PDF guide, ‘How To Babyproof Your Business’.

Click here to download your free copy.